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Well Pharmacy launches digital e-voucher platform for corporate flu jabs


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Well Pharmacy has introduced a digital e-voucher platform for its corporate flu vaccination scheme. This platform simplifies the process of distributing flu vouchers to colleagues via email, employing individual flu voucher codes for each recipient, the company said in a statement.

“Flu can disrupt business operations, especially during the bustling pre-Christmas period,” said George Sandhu, Deputy Superintendent Pharmacist at Well Pharmacy. “Opting for staff flu jabs is a cost-effective means of safeguarding your business, employees, and their families. Our goal is to ensure a seamless setup, effortless administration, and convenient access to flu jabs for your colleagues, fitting into their schedules smoothly.”

According to the statement, Well Pharmacy’s digital e-voucher platform offers effortless accessibility and various benefits, including swift email sharing, transparent upfront pricing and invoicing, and convenient tracking of voucher usage. Businesses can also track the utilisation and remaining availability of vouchers.

“Just determine the desired number of vouchers and complete the order form,” Sandhu added. “We’ll provide a pre-filled agreement for your signature and return, along with an invoice. After setup, you’ll receive a voucher code to distribute among your staff, along with promotional posters. They can access our website to obtain the necessary code for scheduling their vaccinations.”

“They can book at one of our 750 pharmacies through our online system or find a Well pharmacy with a walk-in flu service,” he added. “Jabs are quick and relatively painless and can really protect your business this flu season.”

Flu tops the list for sick days in the UK, averaging 5.7 days off annually. This costs the UK economy around £29 billion yearly and businesses an average of £522 per employee, underscoring the vital role of accessible flu vaccinations for employees.

The government decision to halt the free vaccinations introduced in 2020 means around 12 million Britons could lack access to flu shots this winter. Despite the official service launching in October as planned, pharmacy owners can still administer vaccines to patients with September appointments, the NHSE recently said.

Meanwhile, the Competition and Markets Authority has granted its long-awaited approval for the acquisition of Lexon UK and Asurex by Bestway Healthcare, the parent company of Well Pharmacy. The company anticipates the completion of these transactions in the coming months.



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