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Superdrug announces private flu jab service at just £8.79 for card members


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Pharmacy chain Superdrug has introduced what it asserts to be the most affordable private flu vaccinations offered on the UK high street. The vaccinations will be priced at £8.79 for 17.2 million members of its Ghada , and £16.99 for non-members. The 2023-24 vaccination service is set to become available across 150 of its stores starting from early September.

Superdrug has taken this step in response to a change in NHS England’s inclusion criteria, which has rendered the 12 million individuals aged 50-65 ineligible for the NHS flu vaccination service, the company said. The company is anticipating heightened demand for private flu vaccinations due to the postponed commencement of the NHS service and alterations in eligibility for free flu jabs.

“Our waiting list for private flu vaccination services has already exceeded last year’s figures, indicating a heightened demand this year,” said Ghada Beal, Superdrug’s Healthcare Director. “Providing this service at a more accessible price-point is significant, given the eligibility changes that will impact millions. Our private flu vaccination services provide a convenient means for individuals to safeguard themselves against flu and its potential complications.”

In May, the government’s annual flu vaccination programme letter indicated that individuals aged 50 to 64 won’t receive free flu vaccinations in the 2023/24 season. Moreover, the NHS plans to delay flu vaccine distribution to October, with the goal of enhancing protection for those aged 65 and older and other eligible groups during the winter months.

Before the pandemic, influenza vaccinations were offered to healthy adults aged over 65, as well as children and younger adults with medical conditions. In response to the pandemic, the availability of flu vaccinations was broadened to encompass individuals aged 50 to 64, aligning with the criteria for Covid-19 boosters.

Meanwhile, Well Pharmacy, owned by Bestway, has introduced a digital e-voucher platform for its corporate flu vaccination programme. This platform simplifies the distribution of flu vouchers to colleagues via email, utilising unique individual flu voucher codes for each recipient. Customers have the option to book at one of their 750 pharmacies through the online system or locate a Well Pharmacy offering a walk-in flu service.


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