5 Popular Ways to Consume Cannabis

There are some perks to the general public accepting cannabis consumption as a normal, even beneficial, pastime.

One of those perks is that cannabis smoking devices are evolving to meet the needs that come with more smokers and more strains.

And while you surely have your favorite form of consumption, it’s always a wonderful idea to branch out and try something new.

Which is why we present to you the five popular ways to consume cannabis. Have you tried them all? If not, get ready for some serious smoking inspiration.

1. Joints

Joints are the classic cannabis consumption method. They consist of your choice of cannabis rolled tightly in rolling papers.

A joint requires a steady hand to roll them tightly and a dab of the tongue to secure it. Similar to a joint is the blunt, which is typically fatter in size and wrapped in a cigar or tobacco leaf wrappers.

What smoking enthusiasts appreciate about joints, and blunts for that matter, is that you eliminate the evidence. (Well you know, besides that dank cloud of smoke in the air.)

Because unlike the other popular cannabis smoking devices on our list, you smoke most of the joint paper into extinction. This makes it popular with people who smoke on the go or who live with their parents.

2. Pipes

Ah, pipes. There seem to nearly be as many types of pipes available as there are cannabis smokers.

Most cannabis consumers have a different hand pipe to suit just about any occasion. They’re typically made of glass and come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes.

There are also one-hitter glass pipes that provide a cigarette-like shape and size. These are ideal for lounging in the park, discreetly sharing a “smoke” with a friend or while on a work break.

Bubbler water pipes are hand pipes with a water reservoir. They provide a smoother smoking experience than a typical joint or pipe.

They’re also the smaller cousin of our next consumption tool …

3. Bongs

Easily the least discreet of the cannabis consumption devices, the bong is a superb cannabis device for sheer volume of smoke you can enjoy in one hit.

Bongs have a bad rep by the general public, who picture college kids smoking away their youth in dusty, hippie-decorated studio apartments.

But in reality, bongs are simply large glass pipes with water chambers and mouth pieces. They are the best cannabis smoking devices for groups.

4. Wax Concentrate

Consuming cannabis wax concentrate is a surefire way to enjoy an intense high. You smoke the wax residue of cannabis, which contains a higher level of THC, and is therefore not for the inexperienced or casual smoking.

Specific devices make it easy to enjoy wax concentrate.

These include:

  • Dab rings: Which look a lot like a glass bong, except you stuff the wax in a dab nail, not a bowl piece.
  • Nectar collectors: These are hand pipes that make it look as though you’re smoking from a straw.

Nectar collectors are easier to use than dab rings, although neither allows for a discreet smoking experience. Both devices require the use of a hand torch to heat the wax into a consumable consistency.

Our next consumption method is also great for smoking wax concentrates. But its popularity warrants it its own spot on this list.

5. Vapes

Vaporizers are popular these days as a means to smoke cigarette tobacco.  But they are also a wonderfully convenient way to smoke cannabis.

They are handheld convection heating devices that vaporize cannabis cartridges. Because you simply inhale the vaporized cannabis, there is no smoke. No smoke means less odor.

Its size, reduced weed smell, and association with tobacco all make vaporizers one of the safest ways to smoke in public.

Word of warning: Always buy your cannabis cartridges from reputable dispensaries. Unregulated vaporizers are incredibly dangerous and have even killed users.


You may have already known these popular ways to consume cannabis, but maybe you haven’t tried them all yet.

But hey, that’s the great thing about the world of cannabis – there are always new aspects of the activity to experiment with.

And these five cannabis smoking devices are sure to get you to your desired state in the funnest and most convenient way possible.

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