70 million COVID-19 vaccines

AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd (AAH) has exceeded the milestone of delivering over 70 million COVID-19 vaccination doses across England, since it was awarded a contract in December 2020.

In addition, AAH has delivered over 100 million ancillary items to more than 3,000 healthcare providers.

David Bound, chief executive officer of AAH, said: “This is a huge milestone for AAH as we work tirelessly to support our communities. It’s also a ringing endorsement of our delivery drivers, warehouse operatives, and specialist logistics teams and the determination, dedication, and passion they continue to show throughout this extraordinary period.”

The vaccination programme was also recognized by the Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Chris Emmott, senior project lead – Supply Chain, commented: “I’m incredibly proud that AAH was chosen for this job, particularly as we had the skills, the experience, and a great team to help facilitate the needs of the country. To get ready for a project like this, everybody’s worked very long hours, they’ve worked weekends to get everything ready.

“There’s been huge changes that we’ve had to make to the branch to facilitate the operational needs of delivering this product. We’ve spent a lot of time testing our own operational preparedness and we’ve managed to do that very successfully. We’ve had huge support from the branch, we’ve had fantastic support from our colleagues within AAH, and we’ve had great support from the NHS.”

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