Europe’s leading marketplace for cannabis and wellness products Alphagreen has joined the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), strengthening its position in the European and UK cannabis space.

Having strong ties to brands in the UK and central Europe, both Alphagreen and EIHA share a common interest in unifying the hemp industry on a larger scale with a focus on regulatory compliance.

Lorenza Romanese, EIHA managing director, said: “If we want to see a thriving hemp sector in Europe, we need to collaborate by sharing knowledge, data, best practices, and aligning our policy and business strategies. We need to work towards building the future of hemp together.”

Headquartered in Bruseels, EIHA is working to promote hemp farming, processing, and trading in the European Union. It represents stakeholders’ voice to achieve fair legislation and reform on hemp-related policies.

Alphagreen, a global B2C platform with the largest selection of certified CBD products in the UK and Europe, aims to utilise key data and analytics from its platform to promote the cannabis industry as a link between consumer, brands, retailers, suppliers, and all compliant key industry players.

CEO and co-founder of Alphagreen, Alexej Pikovsky feels this collaboration will be pivotal in helping to create a more stable industry.

He said: “In this emerging industry, we aim to help brands and customers alike, by providing effective and reliable products and services, which will hopefully also aid the FSA to regulate the currently tumultuous landscape in a timely manner.”

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