Lloyds pharmacy sold to private equity
The Lloyds Pharmacy site in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, January 6 2021 (Photo: iStock)

European asset management group Aurelius has completed the acquisition of McKesson UK, marking the company’s fifth completed transaction in a year.

McKesson UK is the parent company of a number of healthcare businesses including LloydsPharmacy, John Bell & Croyden and AAH Pharmaceuticals.

It comprises four divisions and holds a substantial market share across each vertical: retail, digital, homecare and wholesale. McKesson UK’s success has been underpinned by its strong LloydsPharmacy brand, its customer base and its leading commercial footprint across wholesale pharmaceuticals.

Over recent years, the company has benefited from the introduction of additional services delivered across its more than 1,300 pharmacies, a growing digital offering and the ability to support the increasing trend of primary care being delivered to patients in their home.

Aurelius Group said it will ensure a smooth transition as McKesson UK separates from its former US-based parent company, McKesson Corporation. Furthermore, Aurelius will seek to leverage McKesson UK’s established market positions to maximize the opportunities available within each division.

McKesson UK commented: “Aurelius is an expert in helping businesses like ours to reach their full potential. Under its ownership, and with our strong leadership team, we plan to accelerate our strategy to deliver continued and sustainable success. Together, we are determined to deliver on our mission to become the UK’s leading omni-channel healthcare provider.

“Our customers, patients, and the NHS rely on us to provide medicines, healthcare services, and clinical care every day, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our focus on providing the best service and care for our patients and customers won’t change. We remain entirely focused on delivering vital healthcare services and medicines to communities across the UK – building on our reputation as trusted healthcare partners.”

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