A new smartphone app is offering pharmacies a local delivery service to enable contactless purchases dispatched direct to customers’ homes within an hour.

The bgX app is simple for pharmacies to sign up to and can be up-and-running in an hour, and over 50 pharmacies have already signed up in the past couple of weeks.

To sign up to the bgX app – please go to: https://store.bgxme.com/UK/EN/index.html

The bgX app’s API is able to access any pharmacy’s product inventory and even works with pen and paper stocktaking systems and then can display all SKUs to customers in a five mile range.

Pharmacy products that are in stock are displayed at the correct store price in various categories including pain management, hygiene and protection products, immune support and wellness supplements, skincare, haircare and eye care, allergy relief, inhalers, and diagnostic devices.

There is a minimum order price of £25 and the customer pays an additional £5 for delivery. The app takes a small percentage commission from the pharmacy sale price, so there is no additional cost to the customer other than the £5 delivery fee.

Delivery drivers are sourced by the app via various take-away delivery companies, whose drivers are not usually busy during pharmacy opening hours. In most cases they are bike deliveries.

Payment for the goods and delivery cost is all in the app so no human contact is necessary, and the pharmacy receives the money from the transactions weekly.

This delivery service significantly reduces the risk of infection to pharmacy staff who lack adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and also ensures pharmacies are still able to serve their communities and the most vulnerable customers.

The bgX app is in discussions about deliveries of prescriptions and Covid antibody home testing kits, and hopefully those will come onboard shortly.

Ali Rafi, CEO and Co-Founder of bgX said: “We want to help pharmacies help their communities safely and at minimal risk to their staff. Social distancing is almost impossible in most pharmacy outlets and so a delivery system is the best option for staff and customers, and this means that you can get pharmacy healthcare products to the most vulnerable in society, the ones who need it most.

“We are running this function of our app on a zero-cost basis to the customer, and at a minimal cost basis to the pharmacy.”

One pharmacy that has signed up is the Chel Pharmacy in central London.

Managing Director Sonal Davda said: “We were considering closing for the safety of our staff because we lack the necessary PPE equipment and have relatively small outlets which make social distancing almost impossible.

“We are of course extremely reluctant to do this as there is currently unprecedented need for essential Covid-19 health, hygiene and personal care products and we want to continue to care for the communities that we serve.

“The bgX platform has enabled us the flexibility during these tough times to continue serving our local communities with the vital products that they need.”

Another pharmacy that has joined the bgX scheme in the past couple of weeks is the Go Go Chemist chain in west London.

Dr Omid Masoud Superintendent Pharmacist at Go Go Chemist Ltd said: “The bgX platform has enabled me flexibility during these tough times to continue serving my local community with the vital products that they need. I have also been able to reach new local customers and offer them the full range of essential Covid-19, health and personal care products.

“During this time I would ask our local residents to follow the guidelines and stay at home. Be safe, download the bgX app, browse all our products on the pharmacy store of your choice and we will get them delivered to your door.”

To sign up to the bgX app – please go to: https://store.bgxme.com/UK/EN/index.html

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