Toddler's 'thank you' to community pharmacy teams for their hard work and dedication

At 19 months, Suri Tulsi Mehta is probably the youngest fan of community pharmacy. She lives in London with her parents, and like most toddlers loves dipping her fingers into the paint and smearing it across the paper.

Suri’s mum is pregnant and ‘due’ any day. She created a poster to thank community pharmacy staff for their sterling work, particularly appreciative of the prescription delivery service from her local independent pharmacy.

Perhaps having seen images of children’s rainbow drawings in recent weeks in response to the coronavirus crisis, Suri kept holding on to her mum’s design. She may have even recognised and liked ‘NHS’ and ‘Community Pharmacy’ in the poster!

As the toddler won’t let go of it, her parents decided to capture the moment in a picture and share it with her grandparents who couldn’t pay them a visit due to Covid-19 risks and the social distancing measures currently in place.

Incidentally, Suri’s grandfather, a pharmacist, has been working extremely hard on the frontline along with colleagues in his pharmacy in West Midlands.

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