Solgar® is delighted to announce the launch of its newest innovation Solgar®Earth Source® Koji Iron 27mg. The new supplement is designed to support consumers’ everyday energy levels and uses an innovative koji fermentation process to transform mineral iron into an iron-rich fermented food which is high in bioavailability, easy to absorb and gentle on the stomach.

Available now in a 30-capsule bottle (Trade Price £6.50 – RRP £13.99/€14.50), each capsule will provide 27mg of naturally sourced koji food fermented iron. The convenient one-a-day formulation offers a number of health benefits including:

  • Supporting energy and reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Contributing to the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells
  • Supporting cognition
  • Supporting immune defences

Minerals, including iron, support growth and development and ensure our bodies function optimally. Iron is present mostly in animal protein such as lean meats and seafood, but also in nuts, tofu and white beans in smaller amounts. Iron supports the production of haemoglobin, the crimson pigment in red blood cells, that helps carry oxygen around the body. It also helps energise the body, and athletes, for example, may need more iron to support oxygen transport to muscles so they can keep exercising.

Everyone needs iron, yet growing children and adolescents, athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding women, vegetarians and vegans are all at risk of not obtaining sufficient amounts of iron from their diets. The World Health Organisation estimates that 1.62 billion cases of anaemia worldwide are due to iron deficiency. Worryingly, 49% of people surveyed as part of the UK Health of the Nation survey did not know that iron deficiency causes anaemia.

Koji is a traditional fermentation method and approach to mineral nutrition native to Japan. Solgar® Earth Source® Koji Iron offers consumers something unique due to its patent-pending koji fermentation process.  Koji fermented iron is made by a natural process whereby iron is introduced into the Koji material and the iron is absorbed and stored by the Koji culture. Through this food-based fermentation, Solgar® Earth Source® Koji Iron provides a slower released form of iron- Ultimine™- that is proven to be gentler to the stomach.

Paul Chamberlain, Solgar’s Category Development and Product Training Director, said
“We’re pleased to extend our iron range with Koji Iron, which is a great option for consumers that prefer wholefood or food derived supplements but is also backed by scientific studies showing how well it is absorbed.”

Retailers are advised to help shoppers find Solgar® Earth Source® Koji Ironby double-facing it on-shelf to ensure it stands out. What’s more, locate it both within the Solgar® range as well as the section for ‘food grown’ supplements, to cover the key areas where shoppers may look.

Solgar® Earth Source® Koji Iron is free from palm oil and titanium dioxide, as well as Kosher and Halal certified.

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