Cadham Pharmacy team

Cadham Pharmacy in Glenrothes, Fife has become the first in the UK to operate two different types of automated collection point after recently installing a Medpoint i1500 medicine dispenser.

Looking at her growing prescription business, award-winning pharmacist and owner of Cadham, Bernadette Brown, chose the British-built MedPoint to meet her pharmacy’s needs, having already been the first in Scotland to install an automated collection point in 2017.

On her choice of MedPoint, she commented: “Having used other systems for over three years, I was keen to see if there had been further advances in this sort of technology. I wanted to ensure we got the best product on the market to help us expand our automated collection service even further due to the huge benefits in efficiency and customer convenience it brings to my business.”

“What I like most about the MedPoint system versus others we use is the massive time saving when loading because the machine does the barcode scanning for you. Not only does this allow my staff to get on with other tasks, but it also has the added benefit of eliminating the chance of manual scanning errors by staff, thereby further increasing patient safety.”

She added the fact that MedPoint was made in Britain was the cherry on top. “I love the fact that we are also supporting home-grown products that create manufacturing jobs in a post-Brexit and post-Covid Britain.”

Gill Collins, newly appointed managing director of Medpoint said: “We are delighted that Cadham Pharmacy has selected this system. It speaks volumes about how good the MedPoint product is in terms of design, efficiency and most importantly, patient safety.”

Kevin Murphy, chief clinical information officer and co-founder of MedPoint, who worked closely with Cadham Pharmacy to ensure a smooth installation and commissioning at the very busy pharmacy, commented: “I have admired Bernadette and her pharmacy for years. She is a true visionary and inspirational in terms of what community pharmacies can and should be with the huge range of advanced clinical services they offer the local community.”

The new MedPoint is the fifth piece of automation installed at the pharmacy in Fife, Scotland which has grown rapidly in the last few years. This was with the help of independent prescribing pharmacists as part of the clinical team offering innovative clinical services usually reserved for GP practices.

“If anyone wants a prime example of how technology and automation can enable transformational change in how pharmacies can and should move up the clinical value chain, then Cadham Pharmacy is it.”

The new collection point was officially launched recently and has been dubbed as Mr. MAC which stands for “Medicines And Care” as well as “Medicines And Convenience.” It’s also a nod to Mr. Mac, the previous owner of Cadham Pharmacy who served the community for many years.

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