To help scientists stay ahead of the virus by spotting new outbreaks early and advise how to respond to it quickly, community pharmacy contractors participating in the NHS Covid-19 lateral flow device (LFD) distribution service are requested by policy makers to ensure they report the results ‘straightaway’, stated the PSNC in its release today (June 7).

People collecting LFD test kits must understand several key points, including the importance of reporting all test results, whether it is negative or positive, the pharmacy negotiator added.

Reinforcing the importance of reporting test results whether it be positive, negative or even void, it suggested that the report of the results are shared ‘right away’ every time.

This way, the recording of all test results not only helps scientists stay ahead of the virus but it also helps the NHS so that it makes sure to keep the “test and trace” information stay accurate.

“If people only report a positive result, number of cases will look higher than they really are. So, if it is negative or void, you will make sure NHS Test and Trace information stays accurate. This could help in avoiding future lockdown,” said the PSNC.

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