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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has issued a supply disruption alert for Lithium carbonate (Priadel) 200mg and 400mg modified-release tablets.

Priadel 200mg and 400mg modified-release tablets are being discontinued in the UK and remaining supplies of both strengths are expected to be exhausted by April 2021.

Lithium with the brand names Priadel, Camcolit, and Liskonum is a first line treatment for patients with bipolar disorder.

It is also licensed for the treatment and prophylaxis of recurrent depression, and aggressive or self-harming behaviour, and used off-license in the treatment of cluster headaches.

“Clinical guidance advises that patients must be maintained on the same brand of lithium to ensure that a consistent serum lithium level is maintained. The switching of brands necessitated by this SDA will require individualised determination of dose, close monitoring of serum lithium levels and vigilance for relapse and tolerability in all cases,” the supply alert has said.

Other brands of lithium carbonate tablets remain available including Liskonum 450mg modified release tablets, Camcolit 400mg modified-release tablets, and lithium carbonate Essential Pharma 250mg tablets.

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