Developed to help people enjoy the foods they love, EatEnjoy is an innovative range of supplement capsules that help support digestion by providing the body with additional enzymes. The range includes products designed to help alleviate symptoms associated with general digestive discomfort, non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance.

EatEnjoy Balance features a unique blend of 13 different enzymes together with Bacillus subtilis – good bacteria found in the human intestinal tract that facilitates the consumption of complex foods.

EatEnjoy Glutalytic contains a combination of digestive enzymes that help break down difficult to digest proteins within gluten, in order to help alleviate symptoms for those suffering from non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

EatEnjoy Dairy includes a lactase enzyme to improve lactase digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose in dairy products, as approved by the European Food Standards Agency.

The EatEnjoy range has been developed by UK business Pharmavita, which searches the world for innovative food supplements and nutritional products designed to help people live life to the full.

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