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In a drug supply update, Theramex has said that there will be intermittent supply of Evorel 25 and Evorel 75 during the first half of August.

The company has also confirmed that Evorel 50,Evorel 100, Evorel Conti, and Evorel Sequi are all currently available in the market.

Country Product Name Dates of Availability
  1. Evorel 25
  2. Evorel 50
  3. Evorel 75
  4. Evorel 100
  5. Evorel Conti
  6. Evorel Sequi
  1. Intermittent supply first half of August
  2. Available
  3. Intermittent supply first half of August
  4. Available
  5. Available
  6. Available


In order to ensure the widest possible reach of the available stock, Alliance Healthcare have applied monthly quotas to the volume of stock available to individual pharmacists, the compny has said.

The pharmacists and healthcare professionals who wish to place orders for the Evorel products, can contact Alliance Healthcare via their usual channels.

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