A spokesman for GSK said the "science has moved on" since concerns were raised about links between narcolepsy and its H1N1 vaccine, called Pandemrix, which was developed during the flu pandemic 10 years ago (Photo: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/File Photo).

Glaxosmithkline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare UK has informed MHRA that a small number of packs may not have the batch number and expiry date printed on the outer cartons following a machinery defect with the printing line.

The correct information is printed on the blister pack and there is no concern with the product quality, GSK said.

The healthcare professionals have been advised not to supply the products and return the same to the company if they notice the packs have missing information on the batch number and expiry date on the outer carton.

The affected packs are of the products in the batches listed below:

The information can still be found on the blisters inside the box. If the affected packs are not from the batches listed above, then the pharmacists have been asked to quarantine the product and contact the company.

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