Rightdose founder Kasim Gulzar
By Catherine Hunter

A Glasgow-based community pharmacy group is gearing up to help the nation’s vaccination drive against Covid-19.

Rightdose, which is headquartered in Glasgow and has seven community pharmacies across Scotland as well as a registered online pharmacy, said it would be an ‘honour’ to help protect as many people as possible by administering the jab.

The Scottish government has signalled that pharmacies will be used once the vaccination programme progresses into the wider population.

Pharmacist and Rightdose founder Kasim Gulzar said pharmacies are in prime locations for people to access, and many would welcome the familiar surroundings for such an important appointment.

He also said staff would be equipped with sufficient PPE to ensure their safety while the vaccinations took place, and that all pharmacies would be sanitised and compliant with social distancing rules.

Gulzar said: “Vaccinating the population against Covid-19 is an unprecedented challenge for the government and the health service, and a vitally important one.

“We want to play our part in those efforts – it would be an honour to contribute to Scotland’s recovery.

“We have community pharmacies which are all ready to take part.

“Pharmacies can play a key role in this as we already administer the flu jab each year, and people are used to coming here as a first port of call for medical needs.

“In terms of access, pharmacies also tend to be in places that can be easily reached by the community.

“This is a hugely important time for the country, and we want to work with the Scottish Government to keep as many people safe as we possibly can.”

(Local Democracy Reporting Service)

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