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Many people suffer from poor blood circulation, and most of them don’t even know it yet. Probably the only time that people even remotely think of their blood circulation is when one of their limbs falls asleep. Jokes aside, though, poor blood circulation is caused by a variety of conditions.

While most of these reasons are not particularly life-threatening, some are serious and should be a cause of concern. One of the main reasons you should start looking into your blood flow is that your blood circulation is connected to your heart’s health. We’re not saying that there’s something wrong with your heart if you have poor blood flow. No. However, there is still a slight possibility, so you should still check it out.

While treating the underlying cause of your poor blood circulation should be your primary concern, there are some things you can do to at least alleviate its symptoms. And even if you don’t have poor blood circulation, these tips can further improve it. Here are some of them.

Don’t Smoke

All tobacco products, yes, even the smokeless ones, can be harmful to your health. It can compromise your blood circulation by harming your artery walls and thickening your blood, which spells bad for your circulatory system. While all tobacco products are harmful to everyone, smoking tops them. In particular, smoking is linked to several cardiovascular issues and can negatively affect your health in the long run.

Hence, when it’s not yet too late, you should quit. We all know that quitting is better said than done, but that’s the only thing you can do if you’re a smoker with poor blood circulation. Even then, the benefits are well worth it. That said, if you’re willing to quit, talk to your doctor about it.


Exercising is an excellent way to keep your physique and to make your blood pumping. Not only that, there are a lot of benefits you can reap from exercising regularly, like improving your sleep, boosting your sexual performance, having a healthy heart, improving your mood, etc. The best thing about exercise is that you don’t have to go to the gym to have these benefits.

A simple exercise can do the job like walking or jogging. As long as your blood is pumping every after a session of exercise, then that’s all that you need to have a good blood flow in your body. Once you feel more comfortable with your exercise sessions, your blood circulation will improve even more. After that, it’s only a matter of preference if you want to try out harder stuff or stay in your current regimen.

Obviously, exercise can also improve heart health. This is especially true for those people who have already experienced a heart attack and stroke, and are currently taking medicines like Brilinta.

Keep Your Iron Level Balanced

Iron is an essential component in your circulatory system. For your body to make hemoglobin, which is needed to carry oxygen, it needs iron to do the job. That said, eating foods rich in iron is essential for the body, like spinach or red meat.

However, it would be best if you also kept an eye on your iron levels because having too much iron in your system will lead to many health issues. Having too much iron in your body can lead to diseases like cardiovascular diseases, especially for people who have high cholesterol levels.

Drink a Lot of Water

Most people don’t know that people are supposed to drink water half their weight in ounces each day. However, a lot of people drink water nowhere near that amount. Not only that, people often show disbelief to such a notion and find it nigh impossible to do so.

To achieve that you’d have to drink continuously throughout the day. However, drinking a lot of water is very optimal for your body since it improves your blood flow and helps the body get rid of toxins faster.

Don’t Sit Too Long

Sitting too long for extended periods can reduce the blood flow going to your legs. This is most common in people who have jobs that require them to sit on a chair all day long. Not only that, but long plane rides and car trips can also add to this effect. That said, it’s essential to move up and about for a while to improve the circulation in your body. This can be done by alternating sitting, standing, and walking every hour to avoid having reduced blood flow.

This is one of the reasons why standing desks are a thing, by the way. Standing desks can help reduce the effects of a reduced blood flow and thus can be seen mostly in offices. If you can’t access a standing desk in your work, you can take a break every now and then and walk around.


Improving your blood circulation is essential for your body, especially to your heart. That may be the case. Unfortunately, most people tend not to notice their poor blood circulation until something terrible happens. If you are aware that you have poor blood circulation, you can try the tips mentioned above.

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