Lose Weight And Have A Better Version Of Yourself With These Tips

Throughout our lifetime, at some time or another, we can all find ourselves carrying a few extra unwanted pounds! Let’s face it, in this day and age gaining weight can be incredibly easy, sometimes all it takes is a break within our willpower, that leads us to give in to temptation! It can happen on our weekly shopping trip, the moment we try our utmost to dodge that sweet however extremely inviting snack aisle, to then suddenly find ourselves failing immensely due to our ever-hungry sweet tooth taking control. We can be sat in front of the TV at home watching our favorite show to then be cursed with the next advert, showcasing the release of the next unhealthy, however extremely delicious sugary creation or we could be on our way to work fuelled on an empty stomach to find our full attention stolen by the latest billboard advertising the next invention in the fast-food chain! Yes, it can be ever so easy to give in to the mouthwatering temptations the world has to offer!

The War With Weight Has Become Even More Of a Battle!

In recent times, not only have we had the battle of temptation to contend with but we have also had to face a global pandemic, that meant extreme restrictions were put into action that affected every aspect of our lives, making the fight against becoming obese or simply overweight an even more difficult task! Being refined in the comfort of our own four walls meant that our entire lives were put on hold and our daily routines basically came to an abrupt halt. Our exercise regimes became non-existent and gyms all around the planet closed their doors to fight in the war against the spread of COVID19. During these unprecedented times, people everywhere have fallen into a state of disarray, with both their mental health and physical weight taking a huge hit.

The pandemic has made such a huge impact on people’s mental health all around the globe and some are finding it a near-impossible task to return to normal life. Many have suffered extreme psychological issues due to the effects of being isolated for some time. Suffering from both anxiety, depression, and a drop in total confidence has led those to lose self-esteem and the motivation to get back climbing that ladder to losing that unwanted weight. Here are some tips on how you can get started back on your journey to weight loss and become a better, more content version of yourself!

Exercise Works Wonders Mentally and Physically!

Now it is no secret that exercise is a complete success when it comes to losing a little weight. However, it does not just work wonders for your BMI, it is also a major record of success in treating issues surrounding your mental health. Physical activity is evident in elevating your mood. When you become active, it releases feel-good chemicals within the brain, resulting in a huge boost to your self-esteem and confidence. Giving you the power of motivation to get yourself back into shape.

Introduce Some Super Supplements Into Your Diet

We all know that our bodies require specific vitamins and minerals to function at an optimum level. A regular intake of these supplements enables both our minds and bodies to thrive to their maximum potential. Certain supplements such as Vitamin D and DMAE are both known to treat symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, whilst also aiding in our fight to lose weight. Vitamin D and DMAE both possess magnificent qualities when it comes to elevating our mood, providing us with the motivation to start working on shedding those extra pounds! However, it is important to always bear in mind when introducing anything new supplements to your existing diet to seek out professional medical advice first, this will ensure you will be safe from suffering any negative consequences that may occur with any current medication.

Add More Protein to Your Diet

Protein is one of the most important elements when it comes to losing weight. Choosing to adopt a high protein diet is known to boost a person’s metabolism by as much a 100 calories per day whilst shredding around a whopping 400 calories each day off of your diet! Protein really is a major and effective contributor to help in losing those extra pounds!

Keep Hydrated and Eat More Fruit/Veg

It is a fact that drinking plenty of water is a huge contributor to helping with weight loss. The natural refreshment we drink every day helps to significantly boost the metabolism, resulting in burning more calories! Eating our 5 a day is incredibly important in maintaining our overall health and fruit and vegetables are associated with promoting better mental health, by decreasing symptoms of depression. These healthy foods also contain minimal calories and masses of fiber to fill our hungry appetites, making fruit and vegetables a godsend in our battle to lose weight.

Throughout our lifetime, especially in recent times, we can all find ourselves in the position where our weight gain has become a little out of control. To get ourselves back on track we must rekindle our motivation, get back to being physically active, and introduce healthier foods into our diet.


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