Pioneering pharma company Maxwellia is aiming to transform the UK’s self-care market by giving people easier and faster access to the treatments they need by converting prescription-only medicines to versions that can be bought in a pharmacy.

Based in Alderley Park, Cheshire, Maxwellia is looking at a number of medicines which treat a range of conditions in major public health categories that can be ‘switched’ from needing a prescription to being conveniently bought at a local high street or supermarket pharmacy.

It has already got three applications under assessment with the MHRA, including women’s health products.

Widening access to a range of medicines in this innovative way will not only transform how people manage and control their own health and broaden the role of pharmacists, the shift could also help ease unnecessary pressure on GPs and the wider NHS.

Maxwellia CEO, Anna Maxwell, says: “We have a fantastic, untapped network of pharmacists who are highly trained clinical experts and are at the heart of most communities across Britain on our high streets.

“As a pharmacist, I have seen first-hand how important they are for helping people self-care. It is vital more medicines are safely changed from being prescription-only so people can access them following a short consultation with a pharmacist.”

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