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Becton Dickinson (BD) has identified an issue with specific lots of BD Venflon Pro Safety (VPS) Needle Protected IV Cannulae after identifying an increase in reports of leakage from the injection port.

BD has issued an updated field safety notice on the issue and is recalling all products sterilised by ethylene oxide (EtO). However, it does not affect products sterilised by electron beam.

Risk involved with using affected product

There is a risk of blood or fluid loss from the injection port, which can result in serious harm if undetected. Reported issues to date include the following…

  • minor to severe blood loss
  • delay to treatment
  • failure of cannula leading to replacement, and
  • non-delivery of critical medications

“Information from the manufacturer indicates an increased risk with larger cannulae and if the devices are used in combination with rapid pressurised fluid infusers,” the health regulator has said.

Healthcare professionals have been advised to identify and procure suitable alternative vascular access devices. They have been asked to ensure that there is adequate supply of alternatives in clinical areas to maintain care provision.

It is also advised to report any suspected or actual adverse incidents involving these devices through healthcare institution’s local and national incident reporting authority as appropriate.

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