Pain Management in Elderly People

A new service which offers consultations and advice for minor illnesses is being launched in community pharmacies across Scotland.

The service will target care homes patients and will require care home and pharmacy teams to work closely together in new ways to support residents.

Community Pharmacy Scotland has released guidance on service scheduled to be launch across Scotland on July 29.

This guidance sheet gives a broad overview of how NHS Pharmacy First Scotland will work in the care home setting and what pharmacy teams need to do to access the service.

Those approaching a pharmacy should ensure they have the following information…

  • Who it is that needs a consultation – name, date of birth, the address of the care home (including postcode) and their sex as assigned at birth (unless it is known that their CHI number has been changed). You will also need to give your name and position as the resident’s representative.
  • What the symptoms are – be as specific as possible
  • How long the resident has had these symptoms for
  • Action taken – what has been done so far?
  • Medication/medical conditions – what other current health issues does the resident have?

On contacting the pharmacy, the patient will speak with the pharmacist or a trained member of the pharmacy team.

“All of the patient’s information will be used by the pharmacy team to decide upon the course of action which is in the best interests of the resident,” CPS said.

After discussing the information provided on the resident, the pharmacist may provide advice on what homely remedy products you should use to manage, treat the condition.

If absolutely necessary, an NHS supply of medication may be made by the pharmacy for that individual person.

The pharmacist may decide that it would be more appropriate that the resident is referred their GP or another healthcare professional.

The beneficiaries have been asked to contact their community pharmacy team(s) to discuss the finer details of how new system will work locally.

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