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40% of Brits ready to embrace pharmacy delivery service


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Same-day delivery and real-time tracking could be key to winning over consumers skeptical about pharmacy delivery service

A survey report by market research and data analytics firm, YouGov, has indicated that while there is a demand for home pharmacy delivery among consumers, the current supply or awareness of this type of service appears to be low.

The poll found that approximately one-fifth of British consumers (18 per cent) have used a pharmacy delivery service in the past year.

However, more than double that figure (40 per cent) expressed their intent to use such a service in the next 12 months if it were available, suggesting an opportunity for growth in this sector.

This difference is especially pronounced in the Midlands, Scotland, and Wales, where the potential demand more than triples actual use.

Compared to other regions, the current use of pharmacy delivery services is notably low in the Midlands, standing at 12 per cent, and in Wales and Scotland, where the collective usage rate stands at 14 per cent.

Consumer demand for pharmacy delivery services far exceeds current usage levels in all regions, except for the East, where only 28 per cent of consumers expressed willingness to have their medications delivered.

Convenience and transportation issues were cited as the primary reasons for preferring a delivery service over in-store pick-up.

Among consumers open to using a pharmacy delivery service, 79 per cent cited convenience as a reason, followed by transportation-related concerns, such as being too ill to get to the physical shop (33 per cent) and the need for urgent delivery (16 per cent).

While older consumers are concerned with difficulties getting to the pharmacy, younger consumers want contactless medication delivery.

However, a notable proportion of British consumers (39 per cent) said that they would not use a pharmacy delivery service even if it were accessible. To make the service more appealing to these skeptical consumers, same-day delivery emerged as the top choice, selected by 42 per cent of respondents.

Moreover, skeptical consumers, especially younger ones, want real-time tracking to improve delivery services.

Drugstore chain Superdrug has recently collaborated with the delivery service Gophr to introduce home pharmacy delivery across the UK. While they are not the first to offer this service, this new partnership is seen as the entry of a new major player into the market.

YouGov report suggested that there’s plenty of room for growth in this market, especially if brands cater to the preferences of those skeptical about delivery services.









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