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Charac partners ECG to enhance pharmacy provision of private clinical services


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Partnership is first end-to-end service providing digital PGDs, allowing all eligible staff to manage consultations via one single premises covering PGD

Leading healthcare SaaS provider Charac has announced a partnership with ECG, an accredited training supplier, to develop the first end-to-end solution providing community pharmacies with digital patient group directions (PGDs).

This innovative partnership aims to enhance the provision of private clinical services in community pharmacies.

PGDs offer a legal framework for registered healthcare professionals to supply and administer critical prescription-only medications and services, such as flu and travel vaccinations and weight loss services.

As of June 26, pharmacy technicians across the UK will join the list of registered healthcare professionals eligible for PGDs.

This addition allows community pharmacies to expand their service offerings, providing essential care to local communities.

Charac and ECG’s collaboration enables all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians within a community pharmacy to be covered by a single PGD.

Their integrated digital platform allows for online PGD training, digital reading, signing, storage of PGDs, and virtual consultations with patients, creating an online record of these services.

Community pharmacies using digital PGDs will benefit from increased operational efficiencies and enhanced access to services, including virtual consultations.

With international travel expected to rebound and surpass pre-pandemic levels in 2024, demand for travel healthcare is projected to help the average UK community pharmacy generate approximately £46,800 annually from travel health services alone.

This development follows the Government’s launch of the Pharmacy First service, which enables pharmacists to treat minor ailments under the NHS PGDs.

The digitalisation of pharmacy operations through Charac will reduce the workload of pharmacy staff, manage the increasing demand for services, enhance patient care, and generate additional revenue.

By offering PGDs, community pharmacies can make preventative care more accessible, convenient, and personalised, alleviating pressure on other healthcare services such as GPs and hospitals.

With the NHS waiting list exceeding 7.5 million, ensuring quick and easy access to first-class healthcare is essential.

Currently, over 20 per cent  of UK community pharmacies utilise at least one of Charac’s services.

Charac’s initiatives are supported by industry players and institutions, including the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), AXS-listed MedAdvisor, and Royal Mail.

The digital PGD service from Charac and ECG is set to launch at the end of July.

“Charac’s partnership with ECG expands our services to empower community pharmacies,” Santosh Sahu, CEO and founder of Charac said highlighting the partnership’s significance.

“Our fully integrated digital PGD solution enhances the efficiency of using PGDs and supports pharmacy technicians in providing safe, high-quality patient care,” he added.

Sophie McCracken, Chief Operating Officer at ECG, added:

“By integrating PGDs with Charac’s innovative digital platform, we are equipping pharmacies with the tools they need to offer comprehensive and convenient healthcare services.”

“With new legislation allowing pharmacy technicians to use PGDs, patients will have greater access to vital healthcare services.”


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