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Community pharmacy patient safety group appoints new leadership


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 As community pharmacy expands services, the new CPPSG leaders to bolster patient safety

Jackie Giltrow and Jose Moss have been appointed as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety group, respectively, bringing with them a wealth of experience and expertise in pharmacy practice.

Supported by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and hosted by the Company Chemists’ Association (CCA), the CPPSG serves as a collaborative platform for large community pharmacy organisations to openly share and learn from each other’s experiences.

A CPPSG Chair now, Jackie Giltrow, Clinical Governance Lead at Paydens Limited is a seasoned pharmacist and expert in risk management and patient safety.

With nine years of experience as a member of the CPPSG, Giltrow’s appointment represents a continuation of her longstanding dedication to advancing patient safety initiatives within community pharmacy settings.

She expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity, stating, “I am delighted to have been appointed as Chair of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group.”

“The Group is instrumental in promoting patient safety and driving improvements in community pharmacy.”

Joining Giltrow in leadership is Jose Moss, who brings a wealth of knowledge in adverse incident management and regulatory governance.

As Vice-Chair, Moss is poised to leverage her extensive experience within Boots UK Limited as Deputy Superintendent Pharmacist to further strengthen the CPPSG’s impact on patient safety initiatives.

“As community pharmacy continues to advance and provide more pharmacy services, it is essential that we work together across our organisations to prioritise patient safety in our work,” Moss remarked.

The CPPSG, established in 2015 following an NHS alert recommending the identification of Medication Safety Officers (MSOs) within community pharmacy businesses, has since grown to encompass a diverse range of organisations.

With the recent addition of three new members, the group now comprises 21 organisations, underscoring its ongoing relevance and impact in promoting patient safety.

Dr. June Raine, Chief Executive Officer of the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), commended the group’s continued dedication to patient safety, stating:

“The Group is an invaluable asset not only in promoting patient safety in community pharmacy but in making a meaningful contribution, sharing and learning with the wider patient safety community.”

The CPPSG plays an important role in discussing and disseminating learnings from patient safety incidents to foster a culture of transparency and continuous improvement in patient care.


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