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DH includes 9 drugs in second drug price concessions list for January  


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The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) on Monday (Jan 15) has released its second drug price concessions list for January 2021. The list of drugs includes the following…

Drug Pack Size Price Concession
Eplerenone 25mg tablets 28 £8.10
Eplerenone 50mg tablets 28 £10.00
Irbesartan 300mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets 28 £15.93
Loperamide 2mg capsules 30 £2.39
Pregabalin 100mg capsules 84 £6.94
Pregabalin 150mg capsules 56 £3.76
Pregabalin 200mg capsules 84 £8.32
Pregabalin 50mg capsules 84 £5.70
Topiramate 25mg capsules 60 £22.18

Previous drug price concession list released on January 15.

Drug Pack Size Price Concession
Ciprofloxacin 500mg tablets 10 £3.85
Duloxetine 20mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £8.68
Duloxetine 30mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £2.39
Duloxetine 60mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £3.99
Enalapril 10mg tablets 28 £6.10
Enalapril 20mg tablets 28 £10.10
Esomeprazole 20mg gastro-resistant capsules 28 £3.99
Lamotrigine 100mg tablets 56 £6.72
Lamotrigine 200mg tablets 56 £8.13
Lamotrigine 25mg tablets 56 £2.30
Moxonidine 200microgram tablets 28 £8.70
Moxonidine 300microgram tablets 28 £8.69
Moxonidine 400microgram tablets 28 £7.50
Ropinirole 1mg tablets 84 £26.99
Sulfasalazine 500mg gastro-resistant tablets 112 £12.21
Sulfasalazine 500mg tablets 112 £8.57
Tamoxifen 20mg tablets 30 £10.21
Zonisamide 100mg capsules 56 £59.00



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