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GPhC fitness to practise committee suspends a pharmacist for four months


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The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Fitness to Practise Committee has suspended a pharmacist for four months after been found guilty of misconduct of removing bottles of codeine linctus without pharmacy owner’s permission.

The Committee was of the view that an order of suspension was the appropriate and proportionate sanction to send an appropriate and clear message to professionals and to the public of the seriousness with which the regulator takes the pharmacist’s misconduct.

“This will ensure that the public can continue to have confidence in the profession, uphold professional standards and maintain the public’s confidence in the Regulator itself,” said committee.

Abdalla Mohammed Abdallo a pharmacist first registered on 15 August 2014 with the General Pharmaceutical Council under the registration number 2083625. On 27 October 2020, whilst working as a locum pharmacist at Tuebrook Pharmacy, the pharmacist ordered four 200ml bottles of codeine linctus SF and removed four 200ml bottles of codeine linctus SF from Tuebrook Pharmacy without making payment.

On 28 October 2020, whilst working as a locum pharmacist at Upton Rocks Pharmacy, he ordered four bottles of 200ml codeine linctus BP; removed 4 bottles of 200ml codeine linctus BP from Upton Pharmacy without making payment. He also removed four 200ml codeine linctus BP from Upton Pharmacy without permission from the owner.

In relation to the appropriate length of suspension, the Committee took into account the pharmacist’s difficult personal circumstances at the time. The Committee alsoexpressed the view that these matters do not excuse his misconduct, however they are mitigating factors.

The Committee has also taken into account that the pharmacist has been subject to interim orders for over two years, and for the majority of that time he has been subject to interim suspension.

Therefore, the Committee decided that a short period of suspension of four months is appropriate and proportionate in all the circumstances. The hearing was conducted on 13-16 March 2023 & 6-8 June 2023.


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