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Liberal Democrats election manifesto 2024 to push investments for health and social care


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Ahead of General Elections, the Liberal Democrats have promised “to save health and care” stating the NHS is “at the heart” of the party’s manifesto. 

Set to be launched on Monday, the Liberal Democrats’ election manifesto will be focusing on reversing taxes loopholes to exploited by the wealthiest individuals and invest an additional £3.7bn annually in social care.

In an interview with the PB, the deputy leader of the liberal democratic party and a prominent figure in healthcare discourse, Daisy Cooper emphasised the critical role of pharmacies, GPs, and dentists as the frontline of the NHS.

She stressed that neglecting their investment leads to increased pressure on hospitals, longer wait times for patients and crumbling pharmacy businesses.

In a BBC Breakfast interview, Ms. Cooper highlighted the struggles faced by many in accessing healthcare services.

“We hear repeatedly that people can’t see a GP or dentist, their child is on a waiting list for mental health support, and they can’t secure a care package for an older relative,” she said.

Cooper attributed these issues to the policies of the Conservative government, claiming they have severely damaged health and care services.

Cooper emphasised the urgency of financial reforms, suggesting that reversing tax cuts and closing loopholes should occur at the first fiscal event, typically the Autumn Statement.

However, she mentioned the possibility of an “emergency budget” to expedite these changes.

“We wouldn’t want to waste any time at all in trying to change these measures as it’s so vital we get our NHS and social care back on their feet,” she stated.

Addressing tax policy, Cooper assured that her party would not increase income tax, national insurance, or VAT during a cost of living crisis, deeming it “absolutely the wrong thing to do to increase taxes on struggling families.”

The party’s manifesto pledges no increases to these taxes.

Instead, the party plans to raise £4bn by reversing tax cuts for large banks and £5bn by closing loopholes on Capital Gains Tax, which they claim benefit the wealthiest 0.1 per cent.

Leader Sir Ed Davey, drawing on his personal experience as a carer, has prioritised carers in the party’s campaign.

According to BBC, the Liberal Democrats would include a dedicated chapter on care for the first time in their manifesto this time.

On Sunday, the party committed to increasing the Carer’s Allowance by £20 a week for those caring for someone with an illness or disability for at least 35 hours a week.

They also plan to raise the eligibility threshold for the allowance to those earning less than £183 a week, with these changes costing £1.4bn annually.

Additionally, the party pledged to ensure care workers are paid at least £2 above the minimum wage to address vacancies.

Overall, the party proposes to invest an additional £3.7bn annually in social care.


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