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NHSGGC and Boehringer Ingelheim UKIE leading the charge in heart failure services


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According to NHSGGC, the new heart failure care is set to create a blueprint for the rest of the nations

An ambitious partnership between NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) and Boehringer Ingelheim UKIE is set to revolutionise heart failure care, potentially reshaping healthcare delivery across the UK.

The groundbreaking initiative aims to address the unmet needs of individuals living with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) in North Glasgow, a population typically excluded from specialized services.

HFpEF is characterized by the heart’s inefficient functioning and manifests through debilitating symptoms such as breathlessness, swelling with excess fluid (oedema) which often leads to hospitalisation and fatigue.

The project’s cornerstone is a pioneering “home-first” approach, leveraging a multidisciplinary team to provide tailored care for over 4,000 HFpEF patients in Glasgow.

By focusing on early intervention and community-based support, the collaboration seeks to mitigate the economic burden of HFpEF on the NHS, reducing hospital admissions and enhancing patient outcomes.

Dr. Karen Hogg, Clinical Lead at NHSGGC, highlights the significance of this three-year long collaboration in identifying and addressing the unique challenges faced by HFpEF patients.

She said, “We know that this group of patients have frequent and long hospital admissions, impacting on quality of life, as well as a relatively poor prognosis.

Despite this, they do not have the same access to heart failure services that other patients with heart failures do.”

With a focus on characterizing patient needs and optimizing treatment pathways, the project aims to set a new standard of care for those who are living with “preserved ejection fraction, multiple co-morbidities and complex medical needs within the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Stobhill Hospital geographical area”.

Moreover, the initiative has garnered praise from patient advocacy groups like the Pumping Marvellous Foundation, which emphasizes the importance of tailored care for HFpEF patients.

CEO Nick Hartshorne-Evans underscored the project’s potential to drive equity in healthcare delivery, ensuring all individuals with heart failure receive guideline-driven treatments and specialist support.

Corroborating to this, Dr Christoph Zehendner, Medical Director at Boehringer Ingelheim UK and Ireland emphasised on the service being a “blueprint for NHS in Scotland, the UK and other countries” and said,

“We have a long history of supporting medical research with the NHS in Glasgow and are excited to now be working together on addressing this high unmet need in heart failure for people living with HFpEF.”


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