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NPA, BeWell expand partnership to provide solution-based platform to pharmacies


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The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and BeWell are working together to help provide efficiencies and productivity that address the growing pressures within community pharmacy.

BeWell’s Pharmacy Management Platform provides robust solutions that include Patient Relationship Management, Omnichannel Communications and Engagement, Services and Bookings Management, access to patient records, NHS Login supported Patient Application, and repeat prescription capabilities for Pharmacy Website and Patient App that include integrations with Surgery Online Services.

This single interoperable platform is also integrated with pharmacy PMRs, connecting back office and administrative functions with front-of-house digital patient experiences.  In line with the NPA’s vision, BeWell has taken a leading role in formulating a unique ecosystem of pharmacy partners uniting marketing agencies, PGD-based service providers, and delivery method partners – integrating their capabilities within the BeWell platform.

“This aligns especially well with the NPA’s commitment to fostering an ecosystem for Community Pharmacy”, said Simon Tebbutt, Director of Membership at the NPA.

“BeWell is not just another patient application in a patient’s pocket. They have taken a thoughtful approach on how to bring these solution providers and enhance the power of community pharmacy through an integrated experience that is easy to use.”

Ylan Kunstler, BeWell’s General Manager, said BeWell’s solutions can reduce 10’s of hours per week, giving that time back to pharmacy teams to refocus their efforts on more meaningful and productive opportunities specific to delivering care.

BeWell’s solution streamlines the process and ensures that all parties (surgery, pharmacy and patients) have clear visibility pertaining to the status and readiness of the prescription. This removes much of the time wasted by staff responding to frustrated patients seeking to know the status of their prescriptions.

“Simple solutions like these vastly improve the patient experience and allow our partner pharmacies to refocus their efforts on more meaningful and productive opportunities,” explained Ylan.

“This can also have a meaningful impact on staff morale, spending more time assisting patients with consultations or providing health services in the community.

“BeWell knows that this is a journey and that we must provide solutions, not talking points, to help our pharmacy partners evolve into points of care. They will of course continue to deliver prescriptions and we must help them streamline those efforts. In addition, we will continue to invest heavily in this ecosystem approach to ensure the success of care in community pharmacy.”



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