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Pharmacist Support unveils pharmacists’ well-being campaign ‘ACTNow 2023′


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Pharmacist Support, a charity centred on bolstering pharmacist well-being, has launched the ‘ACTNow’ campaign 2023, aimed at promoting and supporting the health and overall wellbeing of pharmacists. This campaign is launched following the successful 2022 initiative, which heightened awareness about wellbeing in the pharmacy profession.

Launched in May 2020 in response to COVID-19 challenges, ACTNow has transformed into a dynamic platform fostering positive workplace culture, teamwork, and individual well-being, Pharmacist Support has said. Its primary goals are to inspire individuals and teams in the profession to prioritise their well-being, support colleagues, and proactively foster a healthier work environment.

Pharmacist Support emphasised that the 2023 ACTNow campaign will continue to prioritise fostering a positive workplace culture. “This year, the campaign will provide individuals, pharmacy teams, and employers with essential tools, resources, and strategies to effectively support colleagues dealing with distress, all while cultivating a growth-oriented mindset within their teams,” the charity firm said.

Themes for 2023

The 2023 campaign, starting on Oct. 16 at the Pharmacy Show, will centre on the following themes:

  • Breaking the silence (Oct. 16-22): Showcasing stories from pharmacy teams, managers, and individuals across the sector who actively supported their colleagues’ well-being.
  • Transforming your workplace culture (Oct. 23–29): Concentrating on content and themes from the charity’s NEW Wellbeing for Pharmacy Managers and Leaders course, providing insights and strategies for fostering a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment.
  • Prioritising yourself (Oct. 30–Nov. 4): Offering tailored mental health and wellbeing support to individuals, emphasizing the importance of self-care.

“Our 2022 campaign began with ‘Breaking the Silence Stories’, where individuals across the sector shared their own mental health experiences,” said Danielle Hunt, Chief Executive of Pharmacist Support. “These personal accounts deeply resonated with our pharmacy community. This year, we aim to shift the conversation towards practical workplace wellbeing practices that have demonstrated positive outcomes. Additionally, we intend to offer resources that foster trust and address issues underscored by our research, particularly concerning stigma.”

Hunt also mentioned that the charity will distribute resources from their upcoming wellbeing course for pharmacy managers and leaders, set to launch in January 2024. “Our goal is to equip the sector with essential tools for fostering open and constructive conversations, including those about sensitive or challenging topics in the workplace,” she added.

Partners in success 

Pharmacist Support aims to build on the momentum of previous years, and to work collaboratively with employers, managers, and membership bodies to bring about a cultural shift that enhances the wellbeing of the pharmacy community. The charity is once again collaborating with Teva UK and the PDA for the 2023 campaign.

“We acknowledge the vital role of collaboration in the success of the charity’s initiatives,” Hunt said.  “Their (Teva UK and the PDA) ongoing support enables the charity to invest time and resources into developing wellbeing materials (such as videos, posters, information, and workplace wellbeing packs) which are shared freely as part of the campaign.”

In 2022, the ACTNow campaign saw notable achievements, including a 49 per cent increase in sign-ups and a 197 per cent rise in social media engagement compared to the previous year, Pharmacist Support said. It garnered over 16,000 website page views, reaching a broader audience, including more male pharmacists. The feedback was highly positive, with 88 per cent of participants finding it useful, and 85 per cent expressing interest in future campaigns.

The charity firm has called for active participation from all members of the pharmacy profession in the 2023 ACTNow campaign, encouraging the sharing of experiences to help foster a healthier, more supportive workplace culture.

In May, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Pharmacist Support conducted a roundtable on the link between workforce wellbeing and patient safety. The annual Workforce Wellbeing Survey highlighted persistent pressures on pharmacy teams. The discussion centered on crucial measures for staff support in ensuring safe patient care. Representatives from diverse sectors took part. A report summarising the roundtable’s outcomes was released on Oct. 4.


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