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New study shows promise of prebiotic fiber in managing Pre-Diabetes


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Researchers find significant improvements in insulin sensitivity and other health markers, offering hope for millions at risk of type 2 diabetes

A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition reveals promising results regarding the use of daily prebiotic fiber supplements in patients with pre-diabetes, suggesting significant improvements in insulin sensitivity and other vital health markers.

“Pre-diabetes affects over 7 million individuals in the UK,” says Dr. Thomas Gurry, CEO at myota. “Our findings have shown that prebiotic fiber represents a promising and efficacious fast-acting treatment to manage pre-diabetes.”

Conducted over 24 weeks with 66 prediabetic participants, the study, led by scientists from myota and CRO Lindus Health, utilised a diverse prebiotic blend.

“The results of our study suggest that this natural diverse prebiotic fiber supplement could be taken to reverse pre-diabetes and to prevent or slow the onset of type 2 diabetes,” says Dr. Caitlin Hall, Head of Research at myota.

“These findings are crucial for millions of pre-diabetes patients,” emphasises Dr. Luke Twelves, Medical Director at Lindus Health.

“The potential to slow or prevent the progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes would obviously have a significant benefit for the individual patient but would also bring substantial benefits across the wider health service, by reducing the pressure on health services.”

Encouragingly, the treatment group showed significant improvements in HbA1c levels, insulin sensitivity, fasting plasma insulin, and C-reactive protein compared to the placebo group, all without significant lifestyle or dietary modifications.

“The significant variation in the composition of each person’s gut microbiome has historically limited the production of a clinically effective prebiotic fiber supplement,” explains Dr. Thomas Gurry.

“However, following a decade of research into the gut microbiome and fiber fermentation, the myota scientific team developed a natural prebiotic supplement that optimises SCFA production across every microbiome.”

“The NHS is now investigating the impact of prebiotic fiber supplements on pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, signaling a potential shift in treatment paradigms,” concludes Dr. Luke Twelves.

“Clinicians currently have limited options to treat pre-diabetes, and treatment is focused on lifestyle interventions which have variable impact.

“This research is therefore exciting in that it points to a simple, cost-effective treatment that could work alongside existing interventions and could significantly change the course of the disease,” he continued.


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