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RPS assembly advances strategic reforms for enhanced professional leadership


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RPS to facilitate a “more accessible nomination process” and “advocate for deserving recognition of pharmacists and allied professionals”

In a recent update from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society(RPS) Assembly’s March meeting, Professor Claire Anderson, President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), shed light on pivotal discussions and initiatives aimed at bolstering the organisation’s strategic direction and governance.

Addressing the Assembly’s focal points, Professor Anderson delved into the ongoing constitutional and governance review, led by independent consultancy Firetail.

This review seeks to streamline organisational structures and processes, fostering transparency and agility within the RPS.

Professor Anderson emphasised the commitment to member engagement, ensuring their involvement in shaping the profession’s trajectory.

Furthermore, the Assembly reflected on the Luther Pendragon communications review initiated in May 2022. The RPS has been diligent in implementing recommendations from this review, appointing a Head of Strategic Communications to fortify engagement and decision-making protocols.

The review aims to foster a continuous cycle of interaction, decision-making, and feedback, enhancing member empowerment and stakeholder communication.

An integral development highlighted was the constitution of the UK Pharmacy Professional Leadership Advisory Board. Professor Anderson expressed satisfaction with the board’s appointments and anticipated collaborative efforts under the guidance of Independent Chair, Sir Hugh Taylor.

“Once the appointments have cleared all the necessary Government processes we look forward to contributing to the Board’s plans and working alongside other pharmacy professionals to enhance the quality and impact of pharmacy across the UK at a time of significant change in the profession, ” Professor Anderson added.

Moreover, the Assembly underscored the importance of recognising outstanding contributions within the pharmacy profession. Despite being the third-largest healthcare profession, pharmacy lacks proportional representation in civil honours.

Professor Anderson stressed the RPS’s commitment to rectifying this disparity, facilitating a more accessible nomination process, and advocating for deserving recognition of pharmacists and allied professionals.

With the next RPS Assembly scheduled for July 17, 2024, the organisation remains steadfast in its mission to foster innovation, inclusivity, and excellence within the pharmacy profession.


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