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#SaveOurPharmacies petition surpasses 100K signatures amid nationwide day of action


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#SaveOurPharmacies petition highlights the urgent support needed for sustainable funding solutions amid widespread closures

This morning marked a pivotal moment in the #SaveOurPharmacies campaign as the petition surpassed 100,000 signatures, amplifying the urgent call for action to save community pharmacies across the UK.

Coordinated protests unfolded simultaneously at thousands of pharmacies nationwide, drawing attention to a decade of severe funding cuts that have led to the closure of over 1,400 pharmacies in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with Scotland facing a similar crisis.

From 9 to 11 AM, pharmacies dimmed their lights, staff donned black attire, and social media platforms buzzed with the #SaveOurPharmacies hashtag.

These symbolic gestures underscored the critical financial challenges facing community pharmacies, with three-quarters operating at a loss due to insufficient NHS funding.

“The demonstrations across the UK highlight the unprecedented crisis our community pharmacies are facing,” remarked Paul Rees, Chief Executive of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).

“Community pharmacy owners feel compelled to take action to protest against what is the worst crisis in the community pharmacy sector in living memory.”

Rees continued, “it’s heartening that 100,000 people have so far signed the #saveourpharmacies petition in support of our sector – which highlights how concerned people are about possibly losing their local pharmacy.”

“We want to highlight the fact that the community pharmacy sector is now in crisis.”

The day of action coincides with the start of the period when many pharmacies effectively work for free due to inadequate funding covering only the initial three weeks of each month.

This stark analysis underscores the urgency of implementing lasting solutions to prevent further closures and stabilise the community pharmacy network.

Political parties have responded to public pressure by including commitments on community pharmacy in their manifestos for the upcoming general election.

However, stakeholders stress that tangible actions are needed to translate promises into meaningful reforms that protect the future of community pharmacies.



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