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Serious Shortage Protocol for Fluoxetine 30mg capsules expires on July 28


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The Serious Shortage Protocol, SSP007 for Fluoxetine 30mg capsules expires at 23.59pm on Wednesday (July 28) as the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that sufficient stock is now available to meet normal demand.

DHSC said that any prescriptions for Fluoxetine 30mg capsules must be dispensed in accordance with the prescription, and the SSP012 will no longer be valid for use.

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has advised pharmacy teams to submit their SSP claims using the EPS token if dispensing systems do not support all the endorsement requirements to submit a valid claim.

If a pharmacy is using an EPS token to submit SSP claims, they are reminded to mark the corresponding EPS message as ‘Not Dispensed’ or ’ND’, to avoid double-claiming.

It further advised using the claim amend facility on the PMR system to rectify any incorrect EPS claims already submitted this month.

Any paper prescriptions or EPS tokens with SSP claims need to be placed in the red separator provided by the NHSBSA (and kept separate from other tokens for non-payment i.e. with paid/exempt status).

For any supplies made in accordance with SSPs, pharmacists are asked to check that the correct number of patient charges are collected and declared on the end of month FP34C submission document.

PSNC said, “Although an SSP cannot be used outside its period of validity, claims can be submitted up to three calendar months after expiry or withdrawal of the SSP. For example, for the Fluoxetine 30mg capsules, which expires on 28 July, the NHSBSA would continue to look for the “SSP” or “NCSO” endorsement on prescriptions for Fluoxetine 30mg capsules that are submitted with the July batch (submitted by the 5th of August), August batch (submitted by the 5th September) and September batch (submitted by the 5th of October).

It addedd, “Until 5th October 2021, NHSBSA will accept both the “SSP” and “NCSO” endorsement. For further information on the new endorsement requirements for this SSP.”

NHSBSA advise that contractors must follow the specific endorsement guidance issued with each SSP and endorsements should be clear and unambiguous – NHSBSA processing staff must be able to determine what has been supplied.

Pharmacy contractors should keep a record of all SSP claims submitted each month to reconcile against their monthly Schedule of Payments or Prescription Item (Px) reports.


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