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Titan PMR’s Tariq Muhammad invests in startup to modernise patient care in community pharmacy


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Tariq Muhammad, CEO of Titan PMR, has made a significant investment to secure a minority stake in the emerging pharmacy startup, PharmAppy.

“We offer a robust platform for software firms to effortlessly integrate their solutions with Titan,” said Muhammad. “Our partnership with PharmAppy presents a distinctive opportunity to demonstrate the potential of connecting pharmacies with their patients, showcasing the possibilities that can be realised.”

The app’s co-founders, Rhys Lloyd (CEO) and Josh Ablett (CTO), will receive technical support and expertise from Titan PMR’s parent company, Invatech Health, leveraging their team of 50, alongside mentoring from Muhammad himself.

The new investment will facilitate a seamless integration between Titan – a cloud-based system overseeing comprehensive pharmacy workflows in the UK – and the PharmAppy app, resulting in an application that extends beyond basic medication ordering. This technology will establish a connection between pharmacists and patients, enabling functions such as requesting additional pharmacy services, monitoring medication, and direct communication with the pharmacist, PharmAppy said in a statement

“With Muhammad’s experience in pharmacy, business, and digital technology, we’re excited for the journey and opportunities that lie ahead,” said Rhys. “We’ve been aware of the impact that Titan is making in the industry and are looking forward to collaborating with Muhammad and his team.”

In 2019, Titan PMR earned the distinction of being the first patient medication record system endorsed by the NHS in over ten years. Since then, it has gained traction in the independent and online pharmacy domains, now handling over five percent (four million per month) of UK’s medication prescriptions. This figure is projected to double in the upcoming year.

In April, the NHS accredited Titan PMR to offer electronic prescription services to dispensing doctors. With over 1,000 of these doctors serving almost 10 million people in rural communities, patients can now experience the same benefits and efficiencies that electronic prescriptions and Titan PMR have brought to pharmacies across the UK.

“Now PharmAppy Version 1 is operational and we’ve received both positive and constructive feedback from patients and the pharmacy teams,” said Josh. “We’re looking forward to seeing the new PharmAppy Version 2 with Titan integration to be rolled out across the UK.”

In 2020, Lloyd and Ablett developed PharmAppy to assist their grandparents in navigating the intricacies of modern community pharmacies.


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