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West Lothian village gets second pharmacy


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Blackburn in West Lothian, Scotland is set to welcome a second pharmacy.

“A further action within the Blackburn’s Future Plan that came from the consultation carried out within the community was the need for an additional pharmacist,” local regeneration officer Michelle Kirkbright said in a report to a recent meeting of the Whitburn and Blackburn Local Area Committee.

“This information was used to help strengthen the application for a new pharmacist in Blackburn which resulted in the application being successful. The new ‘Blackburn Pharmacy’ will be based within the Mill Centre and will provide additional services to the community.

“The pharmacist is also hoping to employ staff from the Blackburn area.”

A sub group of Blackburn Futures Group (BFG), led by the community council, has been working on proposals for economic development in the village, amid speculation surrounding the redevelopment of the Mill Centre shopping centre.

“The subgroup have made great efforts to work in partnership with the owner of the Mill Centre, the council and local community to achieve the aim of retaining the services that the community have identified as much needed assets for the area and will continue to provide updates to the BFG and the wider community,” Kirkbright added.


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