LFD Test Kits
Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test in use. iStock image

The NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) will begin distribution of the LFD tests for primary care workforce Covid-19 self-testing on Monday (August 16) and will be completed by Sunday (September 5).

The LFD tests for workforce testing do not relate to LFD tests available to the public via the LFD Pharmacy Collect Service.

If pharmacies have a shortage of kits for their staff before receiving the next delivery, they can order an interim supply of Innova 25 test kits.

“Please only do this if you have any members of staff who have completed their kit and require another kit that you cannot supply from your stock before 5th September 2021,” said the Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS).

It has been advised by the CPS that the MHRA use case exemption for distribution of Innova boxes of 25 LFD tests for Covid-19 self-testing expired on June 28th 2021. Kits that are already in circulation remain valid for testing and can be used beyond this date, however NSS can only distribute Innova 25 kits beyond this date where really necessary from kits that are already allocated to this pathway.

The next delivery of LFD test kits for workforce testing will consist of a new product in boxes of 7 LFD tests, rather than 25 tests as previously. The new product, boxes of 7 LFD tests, will be branded differently to previous tests and there are important changes to how the test should be performed.

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