From January 2020, GSK will be launching a new marketing campaign for smoking cessation support product, Nicotinell. The upcoming ‘New Year, New You’ campaign is intended to assist smokers in cutting down and quitting, with a particular focus on a younger demographic.

The campaign, which will run from January to December 2020, will aim to reach this younger audience through highly targeted digital and social media, offering practical advice and support for smokers throughout their journey to reducing and quitting. The advice will include top tips on getting started, managing cravings and avoiding triggers for relapse.

Nicotinell offers a range of products and formats designed to suit all shopper types. Available in lozenge, gum and patch form, Nicotinell offers a solution to meet any shopper need. Of smokers who quit or cut down on smoking in the past year, 54% either attemped or successfully managed to cut down rather than quit (Nov 2018).; Nicotinell provides an ideal support system.

 Eva Pass, Nicotinell brand manager at GSK comments, “Cutting down or quitting smoking is always beneficial – to help people do more, feel better and live longer – and we see a large proportion of smokers choosing January to start or continue their journey to being a non-smoker. Our latest Nicotinell campaign is therefore designed to drive brand awareness and educate customers about the range of smoking cessation options available to them.

“With many shoppers walking away because products are too hard to shop, there is significant headroom to grow the category through education and customer support. Our ‘New Year, New You’ campaign will do exactly that, by targeting customers with simple, tailored content designed to reach the right person, at the right time and with the right message.”

The campaign will be reinforced with physical and digital shelf displays in store, keeping the brand front of mind for shoppers during the crucial New Year’s period. To help pharmacists maximise sales and aid consumers looking for effective smoking cessation support, GSK recommends giving maximum visibility to the Nicotinell brand early on during this key period.

All Nicotinell products are widely available from a range of supermarkets, pharmacies, online stores and the Nicotinell website. For more information on Nicotinell and the range of products available, please visit

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