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The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and Company Chemists’ Association have joined hands to promote community pharmacy as a career in Scottish schools.

The new support pack intended to target school students includes a powerpoint presentation, activity sheets, and further information on how to become part of a community pharmacy team in Scotland.

“All community pharmacy team members in Scotland can use the support pack, developed In consultation with school teachers, to provide support to schools directly by attending career events, or by signposting local schools to the resource,” the NPA said.

The new support pack describes the role of a community pharmacist, why it is a valuable career choice, and how to find out more about becoming a community pharmacist.

In addition to pharmacists, the resource highlights other community pharmacy roles including pharmacy technicians, pharmacy dispensers and healthcare assistants.

Janice Oman, the NPA’s country manager in Scotland said: “We have created this resource because community pharmacy needs to continually attract the next generation into the workforce.

“Despite all of the pressures of working in such a responsible job, a career in pharmacy gives you a chance to work with passionate, dedicated colleagues to help many people in a very direct way.

The focus on patient welfare means pharmacy is a profession in which a variety of people skills are developed, extending far beyond a knowledge of medicines.”

Caroline Wells, the CCA’s policy and planning manager in Scotland, said: “This pack outlines the career opportunities within community pharmacy and the behaviours and qualifications needed for each role.

“It was a privilege to involve school teachers in the development of the pack to ensure this meets the needs of pupils. A career in community pharmacy can be so rewarding, no matter the role in the team.”

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