Associate Pharmacist

To provide a portable access of Pharmacy Support and Advice Service to pharmacists and technicians, the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has launched an ‘Associate Pharmacist’ subscription.

The service, comprising priority news-feed and email alerts, also includes NPA Learn – the association’s Learning and Development hub.

The offering to associates includes an annual online flu refresher or discounted full face-to-face vaccination training programme.

NPA director of membership, Simon Tebbutt, said: “Associate Pharmacist is an offer to individuals, not to pharmacy businesses. We find that many pharmacists and technicians come into contact with NPA resources and like them, experiencing their quality as they move from pharmacy to pharmacy, either as a locum or as part of their career-building.

“We want pharmacists and technicians to have the option to access these fantastic tools and resources wherever they are practicing. It should help build careers while also bolstering pharmacists’ day-to-day performance and resilience.”

NPA added that those insured for Professional Indemnity with the association, can avail a £48 discount on taking subscription .

A similar subscription-based service is available to become an Associate Technician.

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