Nurofen for Children Double Strength 200mg/5ml Oral Suspension is an ibuprofen suspension that provides pain and fever relief for children 7yrs – 12yrs, weighing over 20kg. It starts to relieve fever in just 15 minutes and provides up to 8 hours of fever relief. It is sugar & colour free and a spoon is provided for accurate and easy dosing.

The oral suspension is available in both Orange and Strawberry flavours at pharmacy counters at £5.99.

Nurofen Meltlets 200mg Orodispersible Tablets, mint flavour, contain ibuprofen and are available in an easy to chew, on-the-go format – with no need for water. They can be taken without water and provide relief from headache and migraines for those aged 12+ years. The mint flavoured chewable capsules are available at pharmacy counters and retail at £3.99.

Nurofen for Children has been providing effective pain relief for children for over 25 years. The key ingredient ibuprofen has anti- inflammatory properties to help reduce fever as well as aches and pains, nothing reduces fever faster or for longer in children.

If pharmacies want to order these products, they can purchase them through their usual pharmaceutical wholesalers and distribution groups.

NUROFEN MELTLETS 200MG ORODISPERSIBLE TABLETS: Each Orodispersible tablet contains 200mg ibuprofen. Indications: For the relief of headache and migraine. Legal category: GSL MA Holder: Crookes Healthcare Limited, 1 Thane Road West, Nottingham, NG2 3AA, United Kingdom.

NUROFEN  FOR  CHILDREN  200MG/5ML  ORANGE/STRAWBERRY  ORAL  SUSPENSION:  200mg/5ml ibuprofen. Indications: Children aged 7-12 years: Rheumatic or muscular pain, headache, dental pain, feverishness, symptoms of cold and influenza.

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