Olbas is known for its heritage as a winter health essential, helping families fight off stuffiness caused by colds up and down the country. But did you know that Olbas Oil and Olbas Inhaler can also help relieve nasal congestion caused by hay fever and summer allergies? Olbas prides itself as the UK’s number one decongestant oil brand* and is here to help ease even the smallest of blocked noses this hay fever season.

Olbas Oil is a decongestant oil that is made with a combination of natural and essential plant oils including eucalyptus, mint, clove, juniper berry and cajuput to effectively relieve congestion. Pop a few drops on to a tissue or in a bowl of hot water and breath in the vapours to relieve a blocked nose caused by hay fever. Olbas Oil is suitable for adults and children aged three months and over.

Olbas Nasal Spray offers an on-the-go solution to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever for adults and children aged six and over. The natural formula combines essential oils of eucalyptus, niaouli, wild mint extract and mineral-rich hypertonic seawater to unblock nasal passages within two minutes whilst also providing an immediate refreshing sensation.

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