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Over 100 products have been added to the list of ‘Drugs for which Discount is Not Deducted’ (DND) in Part II of the Drug Tariff from October 1.

the deduction scale will no longer apply to more than 100 new products added to the DND list, according to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee.

The full list of products that will no longer be subject to the discount deduction scale is listed here.

In addition, the following 27 products listed below were recently re-classified as unlicensed specials and therefore qualify under the relevant Group Item DND category for unlicensed specials, the pharmacy negotiator has said.

The list of 27 products updated on dm+d to reflect their unlicensed status is as follows:

Generic or Virtual Medicinal Product (VMP) name Brand or Actual Medicinal Product (AMP) name
Amobarbital 50mg / Secobarbital sodium 50mg capsules Tuinal 100mg Pulvules (Special Order)
Amobarbital sodium 200mg capsules Sodium Amytal 200mg capsules (Special Order)
Amobarbital sodium 60mg capsules Sodium Amytal 60mg capsules (Special Order)
Butobarbital 100mg tablets Soneryl 100mg tablets (Special Order)
Desmopressin 2.5micrograms/dose nasal spray Desmospray 2.5micrograms/dose nasal spray (Imported (Germany))
Ethinylestradiol 2microgram tablets Ethinylestradiol 2microgram tablets (Special Order)
Iloprost 100micrograms/1ml solution for infusion ampoules Ilomedin 100micrograms/1ml solution for infusion ampoules (Imported (Greece))
Larvae sterile BioBag 50 2.5cm x 4cm dressing kit (Special Order)
BioBag 100 4cm x 5cm dressing kit (Special Order)
BioBag 200 5cm x 6cm dressing kit (Special Order)
BioBag 300 6cm x 12cm dressing kit (Special Order)
BioBag 400 10cm x 10cm dressing kit (Special Order)
Larvae 100 (Special Order)
Larvae 100 30cm x 30cm dressing pack (Special Order)
Larvae 100 Boot pack (Special Order)
Larvae 200 (Special Order)
Larvae 200 30cm x 30cm dressing pack (Special Order)
Larvae 200 Boot pack (Special Order)
Primaquine 7.5mg tablets Primaquine 7.5mg tablets (Special Order)
Secobarbital sodium 100mg capsules Seconal Sodium 100mg capsules (Special Order)
Secobarbital sodium 50mg capsules Seconal Sodium 50mg capsules (Special Order)
Sertindole 12mg tablets Serdolect 12mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
Sertindole 16mg tablets Serdolect 16mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
Sertindole 20mg tablets Serdolect 20mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
Sertindole 4mg tablets Serdolect 4mg tablets (Imported (Denmark))
Thalidomide 25mg tablets Talidex 25mg tablets (Special Order)
Tryptophan 500mg capsules Optimax 500mg capsules (Special Order)


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