(Photo: ISABEL INFANTES/AFP via Getty Images)

As the second national lockdown ends, so will the pandemic delivery service, on December 3. However, the service will resume at any time if shielding is re-started in any local area.

The delivery of medicines from community pharmacies to shielded patients can continue to be made under the service until the end of Thursday (December 3).

Contractors can claim payments for deliveries made under the advanced service via the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal and the claim should be submitted by January 5.

The latest government advice states that they may suggest more restrictive formal shielding measures for the clinically extremely vulnerable in the worst affected Tier 3 areas, based on advice from the chief medical officer.

This will only apply to some Tier 3 areas and the government will write to patients to inform them if they are suggested to shield.

“A decision to reintroduce shielding in a specific Tier 3 area will trigger NHS England & NHS Improvement to issue a notice to re-commence the service for the shielded patients in the affected area. If this occurs, PSNC will alert contractors via our usual communications channels,” the pharmacy negotiator has said.

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