In response to Thursday (5 January)’s announcement on the proposal of new ‘anti-strike’ legislation, the Pharmacists Defence Association (PDA) has said that it will work with other trade unions to defend the fundamental right for workers in the sector to strike.

The association believes that “industrial action should always be a last resort, especially for health professionals such as pharmacists, however having the option to strike is a fundamental right for working people in a fair and free, civilised society.”

“The right to strike is a fundamental right through which employees can act collectively to secure and protect pay and conditions.”

It added: “The Trade Union Congress (TUC) are coordinating the challenge to these proposals.”

The TUC said in a statement: “The Prime Minister should concentrate on fixing our public services, not attacking public sector staff. The proposed legislation would make it harder for disputes to be resolved.”

TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak said: “The announcement offers nothing more to help with this year’s pay and the cost of living crisis. The only offer of talks is for next year. But we need to resolve the current disputes and boost the pay of public sector workers now.

“The Prime Minister should take up my offer to get around the table to improve this year’s pay and end the current disputes.

“Our public services are already deep in a staffing crisis. But this government has gone from clapping key workers to threatening them with the sack if they take lawful action for a pay rise. It will only push more people away from essential jobs in public services, harming the whole nation.”

TUC has invited every worker – public and private sector, and everyone who wants to be a part of their campaign to defend the right to strike.


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