community pharmacist
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Pharmacists delivering to the Scottish prison service have been notified by their employer LloydsPharmacy that they may be transferred to another employer or even be at risk of redundancy.

The Pharmacists Defence Association said: “It is supporting pharmacists employed by LloydsPharmacy who have been advised that the company has not retendered for the contract to provide pharmacy services to the Scottish prison service.

As a result of LloydsPharmacy exiting the contract, those pharmacists may transfer to whichever employer takes over the service, or if their function does not transfer to a new employer they will be at risk of redundancy.”

The PDA Union will be representing these individuals to ensure they understand and can exercise their rights at work to either continue their current role under a new employer, transfer to a suitable alternative role, or leave with the appropriate redundancy compensation.

PDA members impacted by this change can contact the PDA Service Centre for advice.

“Changes like this can happen at any employer at any time, and so all pharmacists who are not yet PDA members are encouraged to join without delay, so that if it happens to them they too can rely upon the PDA for support,” said the association.


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