Teva UK

Teva UK has begun replacing its existing packaging with a new design which is “clearer and easier to read”.

The new look is “unique, recognizable and distinctive.” It “enhances safety and provides a recognizable and distinguishable pack range.”

One of the UK’s leading generics manufacturers, Teva UK supplies more than 500 generic pharmaceutical products to retail and hospital pharmacies.

The company says each product within the portfolio is distinguishable by color, ensuring no two different packs have the same drug and strength colors and with additional product information on the side of the pack and a simplified back, it makes it even easier to identify the correct product when dispensing and supports patients when taking their medication.

“Our medicines impact the lives of millions of people every day and our packaging is often the first touchpoint for our patients and our customers”, said Kim Innes, general manager of Teva UK and Ireland.

“We’ve updated our packaging with the dispensing process and patients in mind making packs clearer and easier to read, ensuring no two packs have the same drug and strength color, bringing peace of mind to pharmacists and their patients.”

In 2006, Teva introduced packaging designed with the end user in mind, making products on the shelf easier to distinguish and dispense. The new design, the company said, builds on this work and have been produced following extensive consultation with more than 4,000 healthcare professionals, patients and carers from around the UK and the rest of the world, as well as spending hundreds of hours engaging with our regulatory authorities.

Pharmacists can experience the pack and see the thinking behind our design changes using augmented reality by scanning a QR code which can be found across all related packaging launch materials.

The company added: “The new packaging will be applied across our whole generics portfolio, helping people understand our wider range of products and will be moved onto branded and OTC lines over the course of 2023.”

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