Pharmacist Aneet Kapoor gives Covid-19 vaccine to his dad, Suneel at Whalley Range health facility in Manchester on Thursday, Jan 21. Photo: Luvjit Kandula/GMLPC

A leading pharmacist in Manchester has given the Covid-19 vaccine to his 79-year-old father as one of his first patients.

Aneet Kapoor, chair of Greater Manchester local pharmaceutical committee (GMLPC), on Thursday (Jan 21) injected his father, Suneel, with 0.5ml of the Oxford/AstraZeneca shot.

“They are doing a great thing for the community, for everybody and to give an example, when a son can give a vaccination to his dad, that must be a good thing,” Suneel told ITV News, praising the effort of GMLPC.

“It was an emotional moment,” Aneet was reported as saying after giving the jab to his father.

“It’s been a very difficult year. I live very close to my dad, only a few doors away, but at some point over the last 10 months it’s felt like we’ve lived 4,000 miles away,” he said.

“It feels now like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Kapoor led the efforts to convert the Whalley Range Cricket and Tennis Club into a temporary health facility to vaccinate local residents, which is now being managed by the family-owned Kapoor Pharmacy Services.

The site went live today along with five others across Greater Manchester including Everest Pharmacy, Whalley Range; MMC College, Manchester; Superdrug, Piccadilly, Manchester; the Larkhill Centre, Altrincham; and Hollowood Chemist, Wigan.

A seventh site in Bolton is set to go live next week, according to GM LPC’s director of pharmacy transformation Luvjit Kandula.

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