The Pharmacists’ Defence Association has urged locums and employed pharmacists in Scotland and Northern Ireland to check the arrangements made for them to receive up to £500 state bonus for their Covid-19 efforts.

The PDA has been encouraging locums in both countries to ensure they have the necessary conversations with their employers during the pandemic period to ensure inclusion in the payment scheme.

“Each government needs to understand how many individuals will be entitled to a payment at each employer before the payments can be distributed. Employers will first need to confirm the number of eligible employees and locums who have worked with them during the pandemic period,” the association said.

“The amount to be distributed by an employer will depend on the details they provide, and the distribution may also depend on employer payment systems,” it pointed out.

The PDA raised concerns last week after it became aware that Morrisons in Scotland had told eligible pharmacists that they intended to block them from receiving the Scottish government’s payment.

“As payments are being made pro-rata for those employed pharmacists who do not work full-time, part-time pharmacists will want to know that they will be allocated the correct proportion of the full-time payment based on their hours and may also want to check with their employer,” the association said.

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