(Photo: REUTERS/Paul Childs)

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has urged pharmacy teams to participate in an online survey as part of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine safety study.

Conducted by the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU), the study will enroll at least 10,000 participants to assess the extent of side effects from the vaccine and how quickly they are recognised and acted upon.

The participants will include healthcare professionals and members of the public, who will be contacted at regular intervals after receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

The pharmacies can register their interest in taking part in the study prior to receiving the vaccine or with 28 days of having the jab.

The DSRU is recruiting people from the Phase I vaccination group, which includes all those aged over 50, health and social care workers and people who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

The unit is also keen to get participants from all four UK countries to take part, whether or not they have experienced any symptoms after vaccination.

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